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Our Dice go to great authors!

4 June, 2012 (22:37) | Rich, ShowUsYourDice | By: rdowney

So I am walking through Origins’ dealer hall and who do I see at the back of the room but Timothy Zahn.  He is a great author and has done a ton of Star Wars books.

Also thankfully he is a good sport, and I asked for a picture with our dice.  But not of him, just his badge!   Thanks Mr. Zahn, wherever you are!

Mr. Zahn's badge and our dice

And Mr. Zahn gets a die!

Rich’s Events for GenCon 2012

4 June, 2012 (22:31) | Conventions, GenCon Indy, Rich | By: rdowney

So life has been getting in my way and I am just today submitting my events for GenCon 2012.  I am hoping that they still go ok, but we shall see.  They are listed below:



Event Name Day  Time Length of Event Players System
Coming from the Edge Thursday 9am 4 hours 6 Dark Heresy
Government Break-in Thursday 2pm 4 hours 5 Dresden Files
Comeback Friday 9am 4 hours 6 Marvel Heoric Role-P
First Expedition Friday 2pm 4 hours 6 Hollow Earth Expedition
Zombie Train Saturday 9am 6 hours 6 Savage Worlds


Mike’s events for GenCon

4 June, 2012 (22:28) | Conventions, GenCon Indy, Mike | By: rdowney

Since I will have a partner this year running events under the Blob Banner I wanted to give him a shout out and provide his events for everyone to see.  I know that Mike runs a quality game and will have already sold out, but still here they are:

Event Name Day  Time Length of Event Players System
War with Asgard Thursday 2pm 4 hours 6 Marvel Super Heroes
Ultimates v Squad Supre Thursday 8pm 4 hours 6 Marvel Super Heroes
Destination PZ08 Friday 2pm 4 hours 6 Star Wars:RPG WEG
Trouble on the Island Friday 8pm 4 hours 6 Buffy the Vampire Slaye
Dawn of the Mutants Saturday 2pm 4 hours 6 Marvel Heoric Role-P
Endor Patrol Sunday 9am 4 hours 6 Star Wars:RPG WEG

And Origins 2012 is history!

4 June, 2012 (19:30) | Conventions, Origins | By: rdowney

Well folks it is all over.  Wow!  What a great, wonderful, spectacular time!   We gamed and gamed some more!  We previewed our new dice from Chessex, which were also Coupon dice!  Awesome, and thanks so much to the folks at for that little gift.    Also, some of the members were able to see both Wil Wheaton and Felisha Day and they walked away with some custom dice, and I believe Felisha got a coupon die!  Sorry Wil, we ran out!

From the feedback, I personally am very humbled.  Everyone had a great time.  I got some great feedback on some games, and like every year got to see my friends, Matt, Paul, Todd, Henry, and that Really Great Guy (you know who you are, as you sir have that on your business card!)

We changed up the feedback sheets this year, and here is what I collected for games people would like to see.  Realize that I am only one of our RPG DM’s.  I know that Trish and Mark had other items they had been looking to play.  The big winner here was Dresden Files!  Everyone wants to play it!  My friend Matt and I were the only two at the whole show so I know people are look for it.   So anyway below is my list!

GI Joe 1
Matrix 1
Doctor Who 2
Dresden Files 11
Mouse Guard 1
Star Wars Saga 3
More Starwars-Stormtroopers 1
Hollow Earth Society 6
Unisystem 1
Torg 1
The One Ring 1
Trail of Cthulhu 1
Savage Worlds 1
Solomon Kain 1
More Batman 1
“Street Level” Supers 1
Supernatural 1
Dread 2
Battletech 1
Sci-RPGs Ala “AVP” 2
Ogre 2
More Car Wars! 1
Truck Stop (Car Wars) 1
Serenity 2
Fiasco 1
Black Crusade 3
Death Watch 3
GURPS (Anything) 1
More 40k RPGs! 1
Mutants and Masterminds 3
Star Wars d20 1
Dark Heresy 2
Rogue Trader 1
Lost Souls 1
Survive:Escape from Atlantis 1
Xcrawl 1
With Great Power 1
More Marvel 4
More DC 3
Continum 1
Cthulhutech 1
Shadowrun 1
Panty Explosion 1
Buffy in Buffyverse 1
Anything by Mike Whiteman! 1
Super-Heroes 1
Pulp type games 1
Fireborn 1
Starwars 1
Spycraft 1
Zombies 1

See you all at GenCon 2012!


Origins 2012 in the bag

3 June, 2012 (16:30) | Conventions, Earl, Origins | By: elindsay

Easily one of the top three Origins I’ve experienced. Thanks everyone for making it such a memorable time.
Hope to see those of you next year that couldn’t make it this year.

Origins Begins

30 May, 2012 (09:25) | Uncategorized | By: elindsay

First round of events are underway




Origins events

23 May, 2012 (11:08) | Conventions, Origins | By: elindsay

Event reg for origins is now closed. We sold out 43 of our 97 events.

But don’t fear! If you’re interested in one of our rpgs, and that rpg is listed for 5 seats, you may still be in luck. Our 5 seat rpgs are designed to seat 6. So show up early with your generic tickets.

And if you’re looking for something to do Saturday night show up to our gameshow. Sure to be a good time for all.

See y’all at origins next week!