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Origins 2012 in the bag

3 June, 2012 (16:30) | Conventions, Earl, Origins | By: elindsay

Easily one of the top three Origins I’ve experienced. Thanks everyone for making it such a memorable time.
Hope to see those of you next year that couldn’t make it this year.


Comment from The Bob
Time June 5, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Thanks Earl and Chris for the Blob game show. I had a lot of fun playing, even if I did lose to Jennifer and Vic… Still pondering that one. I also like to thank Andy and Josh for being on my team. AB always has the best games and it’s why I search the rpg’s for AB first, then fill in other games around those. It’s only been a few days since Origins ended and I am already filled with anticipation for next year to see what you all will come up with. Till next year, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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